Chicago Government's Commitment to Quality Education

The government of Chicago, Illinois, is deeply invested in addressing issues related to education and schools. From providing resources and tools to students, job seekers, and professionals to developing healthy social attitudes in students, the City of Chicago is dedicated to ensuring that all citizens have access to quality education. The Illinois legislative session is currently in full swing, and the City of Chicago is paying close attention to educational matters such as funding for schools, literacy, and supporting migrant students. The City of Chicago offers a variety of services, news, alerts, and support information from all city departments on topics related to education and educational opportunities. In addition, the Board of Education is actively concerned with civil rights when it comes to education.

Schools are striving to create an environment that teaches students the art of living together and judging others based on their abilities and achievements rather than factors such as religion or racial accident. To address this problem, the Board of Education has implemented a number of initiatives. Portable classrooms made of corrugated steel called “Willis wagons” have been placed in the parking lots of overcrowded black schools instead of allowing black students to attend mostly white schools. Additionally, the Board of Education has named more than four thousand new teachers from the eligible rolls in the three years since the single-wage plan was adopted. In 1980, after “more than a decade of battles” between the federal government and Chicago over segregation in Chicago schools, CPS received a consent decree and a court-imposed desegregation plan. This plan included grants for research to improve education as well as an attempt to “establish a fairer tax system in Illinois to support schools.”Recently, Brandon Johnson, a candidate for mayor, visited a West Rogers Park auto shop that looked like a classroom preparing for the first day of school.

Here, he discussed the future of Chicago schools with educators. Eve Ewing, a Chicago-based sociologist, author, and poet, wrote about how all schools involved in the closure process were involved in a highly stressful process that threatened their institutional future. The government of Chicago is devoted to providing quality education for all citizens. From providing resources and tools to students to implementing initiatives such as portable classrooms and grants for research, the City of Chicago is actively engaged in addressing issues related to education and schools.

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